"Like many other “women of a certain age” I have lost weight in the past, only to discover certain sections (particularly the belly area in my case) stubbornly hold on to fat, even after reaching an appropriate weight and exercising to eliminate this excess fat.  What an unexpected surprise to discover the Zerona method of targeting these stubborn fat areas without resorting to uncomfortable or unpleasant procedures.  Zerona has been a pleasant and professional experience in a relaxing atmosphere.  Now I have a new problem….my pants which used to be a bit snug are falling off!  For the first time in many years I have been tucking in my shirt (to keep my pants up).  After completing Zerona, I’ve also doubled the wardrobe already in my closet since I can choose ANYthing to wear.  It’s a good feeling." -J.B.-

"...I lost a total of 20.21 lbs. and 22.75 inches and went down 3 almost 4 sizes!!  I am almost out of the plus sizes and back into the misses after 10 plus years. And I am continuing to lose.  Zerona is not a quick fix magic pill, it does require a commitment on your part...  I highly recommend Zerona for anyone to give them a jumpstart on weight loss and a surgical free chance to learn how to get healthier and feel better about yourself.  I know I am." -M.C.-

"After completing a cycle of Zerona, I lost a total of 4 inches . I only lost a few pounds, but I lost 1 dress size. I was amazed at how the treatment targeted my specific problem areas, mainly my belly ,arms legs and thighs I am very happy with the results. Will definitely purchase another cycle." -G.P.-